Sally Walker is a Yuin woman from the South Coast of NSW and since 2015, Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Development Coordinator. She is also a valued WBAC committee member and advocate for Walsh Bay. She tells us more about herself.

“My role at Bangarra has a large philanthropic focus and I also coordinate all of our donor events including opening nights. I have always admired Bangarra and the work they do so I was thrilled to be welcomed into the family,” Sally says.

Working as Development Coordinator for just on twelve months, there is much Sally is proud of and which inspires her.

“Everything is a milestone for me at the moment - the opening night of our latest production (OUR land people stories) at the Sydney Opera House was pretty special and it also happened to coincide with our busiest time of the year in terms of fundraising! As a company we achieve so much and I consider myself to be very lucky to be a part of it.

A colleague once mentioned that Bangarra is the perfect example of Reconciliation - different people from all over the world working together to create these incredible dance works each and every year – I find that very inspiring.

Our culture is at the heart of this organisation – we share our stories, we give voice to the oldest living culture in the world and we are empowered by our traditions, language and spirituality. This is what sets Bangarra apart from other Australian major performing arts companies.”

Finally on local workplaces, Sally believes Walsh Bay is exceptional.
“Walsh Bay is such a picturesque setting, my colleagues and I love sitting out on the wharf during our lunch breaks. It is the arts hub of Sydney and a space that promotes creativity and excellence.”