While Bangarra’s talented dancers and creative artists focus this month on the world-premiere of Bennelong, the company’s dedication to changing lives in communities across Australia through outreach programs is ongoing and members of WBAC can also play a part in this process.

Illustrating just one way the company has impacted an individual, Bangarra shared a testimonial from Rosa, a Meriam, Ugar and Erub teenager who participated in recent youth outreach program ‘Rekindling’:

“Being a part of Rekindling changed the way I saw myself. People talk about a defining moment in their lives and for me so far this is it… Rekindling has allowed me to feel clearer, I am more confident in my own voice. At school I have been given the opportunity to further explore this form of self-expression. I now dance with meaning – they’re not just steps but my story. It’s made me relook at ballet – I love the discipline and impossible beauty of it but it doesn’t tell my stories and that’s what I want to do.”

Evidence shows that a connection to culture is fundamental to the identity and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth. An absence of culture may contribute to low self-esteem and a poor sense of self.

To help Bangarra continue it’s vital work you may wish to support the company through a one off or regular gift. All donations to Bangarra are tax deductible. Giving monthly is also an option and is a simple, efficient and powerful way to regularly support the company.


Or if you are yet to purchase tickets to the world premiere season of Bennelong, you can add a donation to your order.  It’s never been so easy.

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