This issue we take a look at South Sydney Business Chamber’s new magazine - SouthXSouth (SouthbySouth). An initiative that “goes back to the future” to deliver effective communications within the community.

Designed to showcase the attributes of South Sydney – both from a business and community perspective, SouthXSouth’s initial print run is a bullish 40,000 copies -distributed direct to local residents and over 250 outlets throughout the region. 

“We are planning on the magazine being monthly.  It’s a business lifestyle magazine that talks about work-life-balance.  Covering community leaders, business people, local heroes and entertaining and educational editorial to celebrate our region,” Karen Levin, Treasurer and Executive Manager, South Sydney Business Chamber says.

“We’ll feature a great range of articles from fitness, business and community. The launch issue has a wonderful local on the cover – Alfred, an indigenous tennis coach for City Community Tennis who is also an actor and jewellery designer. He is as diverse as the community he serves and is a believer that sport (tennis) can bring people from all walks of life together in harmony.”

So far support from the magazine has been strong with advertisers ranging from large, major companies down to a small local business directory.

“The idea behind the magazine is to document the evolution behind one of the most important southern corridor from the CBD in NSW as well as the growing, changing face of business in the region,” Karen says.

“Sometimes you have to set a trend, not look for others to do it.  Social media was becoming obsessive and we knew a plateau was coming. Our intuitive feel of business, communications and the world of AI, social media and online, led us to believe that people would go back to the future.  Latest studies show that people are moving away from online and back to print.  We felt it too and so developed the magazine.  Australians are already known as prolific readers and to get them away from the screens of mobile devices we established SouthXSouth.  It still gives them relevant information but they can do it in their own time and space.  A magazine is a good tactile tool.  There are many positive attributes to reading and after trialing this in 2016 we felt it was the right way to go!”.