New WBAC member, Cathy Buykx, is the office manager at professional services firm 10,000 Hours. The company is dedicated to assisting clients with high-stakes group facilitation, executive education, and content for big room events.

“My role is to keep the promises we make to our clients. I ensure the vital detail is not missed, and that our clients and colleagues have everything where and when they need it to do the privileged work we are invited to do,” she says.

Joining the six-person team in July, Cathy already vows she’ll never leave! 

“In our business, we have the ability to truly change people, to help them learn and grow and work towards becoming the best versions of themselves. This inspires me every day. Our team truly respects and enjoys each other and we work hard to practice what we preach. This means we have difficult conversations at time but always with the utmost care and respect of and for each other.

And as a very detail oriented person, this is the ideal role for me. We are a young growing business and there are a lot of processes and procedures to be developed and put into place so I am in my element!”

Asked to define the people and culture at 10,000 Hours, she says:

“The purpose of 10,000 Hours is: To help adults learn. How we do this is with daring ideas in a safe pair of hands. Our values, although deliberately not written down anywhere, are;

Playful – able to risk losing

Humble – able to serve

Curious – able to learn

Diligent – able to toil

Brave – able to try.”


Often the holiday season is a relatively quiet period in the professional service industry but this is not the case for 10,000 Hours during 2016-17.

“The Christmas lull characteristic of our industry and of prior years, is less-evident this year – we are thrilled to be hosting some sessions of complex group dynamics in December, and then in 2017 launching our ‘Uncertainty Landscape’ to help professionals everywhere make progress when they can’t know.

The Uncertainty Landscape is a gorgeous digital photo artwork we scoped and commissioned from an Aussie artist so we are proud to bring some artwork to the Walsh Bay area!”

Cathy returns to Walsh Bay after a stint, many years ago, working in The Rocks. This professional ‘homecoming’ along with joining WBAC are both big positives, she adds.

“Walsh Bay suits our energy, creativity and passion for our business, especially as we’re surrounded by like-minded organisations and businesses.

And who doesn’t love a desk overlooking the water?!

I was lucky to work in the Rocks for several years early in my career and this community stays with you so, in a way, it feels like I’ve come home.

Connecting with other (chamber) members is a great way to both participate in the community and to build our brand. It’s very exciting for us to be included as one of the varied and interesting organisations in this vibrant community.”

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