Moving half way across the world and opening a second salon in Walsh Bay with an exclusive French approach are business milestones Marie-France Barget is proud of. But what really drives the owner of Marie-France Group is a passion to help people put their best self forward.

“At the age of 30 I moved to Australia, with the idea of creating an innovative hair and beauty brand. I wanted to start a business that was different to the one my parents created forty years earlier. I wanted a business where I was not the face of but behind a brand that emphasised the concept of team – this is why I chose the brand name 'Marie-France Group,' says Marie-France.

Our point of difference is that we view our clients in a holistic way and practice the art of ‘visagisme’ – a method originating in France that takes into consideration not only a face but also the personality and the lifestyle of a client. Like a naturopath we like to analyse the wholeness of a person. We like to sit down with our clients, have a conversation and find out a bit more about them.

Eight years ago the first Marie-France Group salon opened and today it has grown to 20 plus team members. Some of our clients as well as staff have been loyal to us for all this time, giving us the confidence to grow. We work in alignment with clients to respect and enhance the integrity and uniqueness of each individual. Being a French group, our salons encompass the epitome of French culture through our attention to detail, classy designs, hygiene, and authenticity in our craft. We aim for every detail to be beautiful.

We have achieved a quality accreditation of Salon Select five-star salon through the Australian Hairdressing Council for good business ethics, sound business practice, ongoing education, environment sustainability, premium hair care and fair employment practices.

We feel we have created a team of leaders, who care, who are in the right frame of mind and who are eager to grow and develop. I think this the core foundation of who we are.”

Marie-France adds that the salon’s arrival in Walsh Bay was a natural progression whilst the stunning and luxurious local environment is an excellent fit for the business. “Expanding to a second salon (in Walsh Bay) and sharing our culture with a wider audience made sense. This was a longed for challenge and leading a team of happy people and inspiring loyal clients is hugely fulfilling and rewarding! What appealed to us here in Walsh Bay is that it suits the chic, beautiful, and luxurious atmosphere that we create in the salon - from the inside out. Walsh Bay is a unique, upmarket area, one we believe we can cater for - to the highest standards.” For more on products and services offered go to

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