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A Company built on Conservation

When the 11 ships of the First Fleet reenactment rounded the heads of Sydney Harbour Sydney loved their charm and nostalgia. We wanted to keep them here to be enjoyed by Sydney’s residences and guests from near or far.

In 2007 long time sail Captain and shipwright, Martin Woods purchased, the Southern Swan and Sydney Harbour Tall ships was born.

The company is built on two corner stone’s:

The first is the joy of sharing the experience of sailing these vessels from a past era. The second is the commitment to preserving this precious piece of maritime history.

All too often vessels of this type are sold overseas to an uncertain fate. You only have to look at the destiny of the bounty which was sold to Hong Kong and the New Endeavour which was allowed to rot away in the mid ‘80’s

The company has reinvested in the preservation and expansion of our fleet of heritage vessels.

In November 2011 we welcomed the Soren Larsen as our new flagship.

We also acquired the tall ship Coral Trekker and the antique timber ferry Wangi Queen.

This has led to a diverse range of products we can offer to our customers, from Whitsunday escapes to escaping to yesteryear with exclusive walking tours of Goat Island (Convicts, Castles and Champagne tours).

For many it is a relaxed cruise around the harbor, for others it is the adventure of getting hands on with a unique vessel, for many it is both.

These ships have become a part of the Sydney Harbour Tall Ship family, sharing in the adventures, dreams and excitement of the thousands of people whose lives have been touched by an experience aboard these beautiful vessels.

We have the double challenges of maintaining what are both maritime and heritage, though this we are committed to keep these beautiful vessels on the water to be enjoyed by all.

Every passenger who comes aboard supports us in ensuring these links to a past era are kept alive for future generations to enjoy their unique history and the passion and freedom that these tall ships inspire. For this we thank you.